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I love to travel myself, this is my passion and I try to spend as much time traveling around the world as I can. Last couple years I have been spending on exploring and looking for undiscovered interesting places, attractions and adventures around the Baltics. I would love to accompany you on some of our Active tours – canoeing, hiking, bike riding ec. Will help you to tailor the special tour that suits you the best!

guide Eva



Tour guide, it is a profession that educates, inspires and excites people. I started my path as a guide at the age of 17 due to an accidental coincidence, and I have been doing it for 6 years. The career of a tour guide- it is a lifestyle that puts an interest in history and current events. I have a lot of energy and interest to explore and show others how people live in Latvia and show as well as give a sense of what Latvians are proud of.

guide Uldis



This job for me is passion. I am local historian, and yes, I have some additional education what helps me on our way, like master degree, some certificates, and some postgraduate courses. But in general all this have no sense, because I want not teach you about my country and repeat scrolls of web resources or ancient folios. I like to help feel my country and catch a miracle of its beauty. I want bring you all around Latvia or trough all Baltic States let you never forget one of most beautiful spots on this planet.


guide Ilze



Herzlich wilkommen in Lettland!  Meine Hobbies sind Fremdspachen, Reisen und Literatur, diese Interessen kann ich ausgezeichnet verbinden, indem ich die Gäste Lettlands selbst kennen lerne und auch den Gästen dabei helfe, die kulturhistorische Erbe, Schönheit der Natur, kulinarische Feinheiten und sonstige Besonderheiten Lettlands für sich zu entdecken. Während der Führung bin ich ein Freund, der meine Gäste entweder in individuellen oder in Gruppenexkursionen in solchen Routen wie Rigaer Altstadt, Jugendstil-Riga, Natur-und Geschichtserfahrungen in Sigulda und Turaida.