Wildlife tours is small group tour operator offering an exciting range of one, two and three day trips around Baltic’s. See animals, birds and butterflies you’ve never seen before. Latvia and Estonia is most important bird migration paths, and during migration seasons (spring and autumn) tens of thousands birds can be seen at one place.

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Come and watch autumn birds migration! Latvia is a superb location for bird watching because migration routes cross the country – in autumn many birds are traveling from Scandinavia and northern Russia across Latvia to South Europe, and returning in spring.
wildlife tours


Seal watching tour - Estonia hosts the southernmost ringed seal population in the world. They have huge haul-out areas, making them easy to watch. In Spring and Autumn they rest near small islets and lay lazily on the coastal rocks. We offer Ringed Seal watching tours around Hiiumaa islets by boat. Tour starts and ends in Hiiumaa in Salinõmme harbour.