Latvia is a country on the Baltic Sea between Lithuania and Estonia. Its landscape is marked by wide beaches as well as dense, sprawling forests. Latvia’s capital is Riga, home to notable wooden and art nouveau architecture, a vast Central Market and a medieval Old Town with St. Peter’s Church. Riga’s museums include the Latvian Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, showcasing local crafts, food and music.

Territory of Latvia: 64 589 square kilometers.
Government: parliamentary republic.
Official language: Latvian.
Population: 2.02 million.
Capital: Riga (population – 692,000 from which 42,3% are Latvian, 41,1% – Russian, 4,2% – Belarusian, 3,9% – Ukrainian and 8,5% – other nationalities).
The biggest towns: Riga, Daugavpils, Jelgava, Jūrmala, Liepāja, Rēzekne, Ventspils.
Currency: euro (EUR) established since 1st January 2014.
Time zone: GMT (Greenwich time) +2, from April to November – GMT +3 (1 hour difference in comparison with Moscow).
International telephone code: +371.
Borders with: Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and bathed by Baltic Sea.

Latvia is located at the crossroads of Northern and Eastern Europe, on the east coast of the Baltic sea. Latvia is bordered by Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania.

Latvia is famous for its beautiful coastiline and pine forests. You can see the well-know white sand beaches and extravagant rocky beaches near Tūja.

Visitors to Latvia may generally expierence a safe and secure country.

Latvia is located in such a geographical zone, witch allows one to enjoy the magic and the diffrences of  the four seasons, which is mostly not possible elsewhere in Europe.

The summer climate in Latvia is warm with an average temperature of 17C, the peak occasionally going as high as 30C. During spring  and autumn weather is relatively mild but variable, generally humid with  the average temperature around 10C. Fall is popular with nature lovers due to colorful leafage.

Winter in Latvia usually starts in mid-December  and last till mid-March. The average temperature in winter is around -6C, the cold can sometimes reach even -25C.

Latvia is very lush green country for a good reason- it rain quite a lot. Be sure to bring a sturdy umbrella for year around use, warm clothes and sturdy, waterproof boots from September till April.

Tram, trolley and bus in Riga

Public transport operates between 5:30 and 23:30. Timetables, fares and purchase information are available in Latvian, Russian and English at The web-site also provides information on the price of tickets and where they can be purchased. Even though tickets can be purchased from the driver (EUR 2,00), it is cheaper to purchase an e-ticket at street kiosks and select shops. One ride EUR 1,15.

An e-ticket can be used on all “Rigas satiksme” buses, trolleys and trams, and is a modern and convenient way to pay for public transportation services in the city. An e-ticket allows passengers to save time, and you do not need the exact change to purchase one. It is possible to get information on the various types of e-tickets and prices at (Latvian, English, Russian).

Transit bus No 22 operates between Riga International Airport and the city centre.

Rail transport

It is also possible to get around Riga by rail, which costs EUR 0,70 per ride within city limits. It is possible to see a route map of rail transportation within Riga city limits, as well as timetables at (Latvian, English, Russian).


Latvia has very good and very regular bus connections, making it is one of the most convenient means of transport for anyone who wants to get to know Latvia’s cities, towns and its vast countryside.

Information about buses in Latvia, including timetables, journey times, routes, ticket fares and other information, is available on information boards at the bus station, as well as online in Latvian, Russian, and English, on websites such as

Theatre may possibly be the most popular form of stage arts in Latvia. With at least one theatre in all of the main cities, it is an art form available and consumed by all, either young or old, rural or urban.

The Latvian National Opera – Riga’s White House on Aspazijas bulvāris was opened in 1923; an average of six new productions are presented each year, retaining balance between opera and ballet. In total, the opera sees over 200 performances and several symphonic and chamber music concerts a season.

Tickets be purchased electronically at or

The New Riga Theatre -Latvian professional drama theater, founded in 1992 in Riga. The theater has two stationary scenes: Large (470 seats) and Small (100 seats) halls, as well as the chamber, rehearsal hall and “Minute”. Besides theater exercises some of its performances on the stage of the Theater Museum. The theater takes an active part in various festivals. Many of the performances have received international recognition and have got professional awards.

Tickets be purchased electronically at

The National Theatre -was built on November 30, 1919 – one year after the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. The National Theatre creates its performances for a wide range of viewers in accordance with its main task – to provide a varied repertoire and differential ticket price policy, which allows you to watch performances of all those interested.

Repertoire at


  1. Valter`s Restaurant is the first in Latvia which boasts a contemporary Latvian cuisine based only on Latvian rural products such as milk, vegetables, meat, fish, fruit and game coming from local farms.The restaurant`s interior with Latvian landscapes recalls the simple but elegant country manor where every visitor can feel not as a customer but a long-awaited visitor. Address:Miesnieku iela 8   Telephone:+371 29 529 200
  2.  Pie Kristapa kunga – a wonderful two-storey restaurant in the medieval style. Try Latvian cuisine and traditional dishes and orginal way of cooking. A special offer from our chef, cooked of yourseasonal Latvian food-stuff, is provided for you each month. Any dish of your choice can be cooked if ordered in advance. Address:Baznīcas iela 27/29  Telephone:+371 29512052
  3. Zvejnieka dēls – restaurant offers vast menu of fish dishes every day — you can try both Latvian and classical fish cuisine. For example, from fish dishes characteristic to Latvian cuisine, our chef recommends “Bouillabaisse” of Latvian river fish with blanched tomatoes and saffron, or over-baked sturgeon fillet with cheese and caper berries, served with new potatoes with dill. Address:Kaļķu iela 2   Telephone:+371 67227505
  4. Zilā govs – the restaurant is named after a special cow species inLatvia— the blue cow. Here you can try blue cow steak,Argentinaroast beef, veal saddle, and other beef meals. Taste also the brilliant fish meals, like, grilled catfish fillet with vegetables and yogurt sauce, or zander fillet prepared in greens’ butter and served with carrot-potatoes mash and wild mushrooms sauce. Restaurant offers also meals that are made of products delivered by Latvian organic farms, for example, lamb basket with potatoes-cranberries strudel, black lentil and juniper berry sauce. Address:Meistaru iela 21, Rīga   Telephone:+371 67223307


  1. The three chefs restaurant „Tam labam būs augt” (The good must grow – Eng.) is a restaurant with the open kitchen, beloved by citizens and admired by guests of our city. It was founded in September 2011 by two famous Latvian chefs, Mārtiņš Sirmais and Ēriks Dreibants. Very fast the restaurant earned popularity and was acknowledged among the highest ranking restaurants in Riga. Despite rocket fast success, we remain accessible, friendly and open to everybody. We love our clients and will provide perfect service even under the most complicated circumstances. Address: Torņa iela 4   Telephone:+ 371 20370537
  2. Vincents – since it opened in 1994, Vincents has become the prime destination for all those passionate about good food and fine wine. Vincents is located in one of the most picturesque parts of Riga, just a 15 minute walk from the Old City. The restaurant offers menus that can be specially designed for any specific occasion. Its dining rooms and outdoor patio can also be arranged and decorated for birthday, wedding and other celebrations. Restaurant chef Martins Ritins maintains a close relationship with many of Latvia’s small-scale organic farmers, and purchases the recipe ingredients for Vincents’ menu directly from the farmers whenever possible.Address: Elizabetes iela 19   Telephone:+371 67332830
  3. Muusu -Restaurant Muusu is a story of values developed through years of experience. We praise beauty and comfort; every detail counts. The Nordic interior – clean lines, raw brick walls, linen fabrics and wood in combination with metal is an exquisite background for that which is essential – the food and our emotions. The strength of Muusu restaurants is our chef, Kaspars Jansons. We are not afraid to claim that he is one of the best chefs in the city. The ascetic pottery of Muusu, which was made by the Rauna brickyard, is very much like a canvas to paint on. Stable culinary values are at the basis of our menu. These are the classics of contemporary Europe, leaving space for bright interpretations and seasonal accents, while reserving respect for everything that is fresh and of local origin. Address:Skārņu iela 6 Telephone:+371 25772552


    1. Big Bad Bagels are open since april 2015. We are the first and only bagel place in Latvia. We love bagels! We take great pleasure in running this place, baking our own bagels and filling them with the most awesome stuff. We bake our bagels right there in our little shop – every morning you can get a fresh bagel which is baked in accordance to the decades old traditions of NY artisan bakeries. No shortcuts! Our bagels are hand-shaped after a long and unforced proofing/retarding process. Adress: Baznīcas street 8