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One day tour to the heart of Vidzeme – Cēsis, a beautiful medieval hanseatic town. Before reaching Cesis, a stop at the site of the Latvian settlement on Araisi lake dating back to the 9th century. The tour of Cesis includes a stroll through narrow streets leading to the 13th century Order of Knight’s Castle, the 13th century Church of St. John.


One day tour to the Soviet bunker in Līgatne. The village of Līgatne was built around the paper mill, still extant, on the River Līgatne in the 19th century. We will visit Soviet Bunker what was built during cold war and had intention to preserve Latvian Soviet nomenclature in case of nuclear assault from USA. Next stop – Anfabrika rocks and cellars  -there are several rectangular holes in the foot – these were cellars which were abandoned long ago. Lustūzis – Cave rock characterizes the peculiarity of Lustuzis, because many caves and cellars were cut here, and this is the only place where cellars were cut even in two levels. visit also Zvārtes rock – what is one of the most beautiful sandstone outcrops in Latvia.