Staro Rīga Light Festival (17-20 November)

Staro Rīga offers an international programme of light and multimedia installations. Buildings, squares, bridges and monuments turn into unique pieces of light art, supplemented by performance art and musical and theatrical elements. This year’s festival will be unique with its multitude of interactive objects that function only with the help of personal participation. Festival creators encourages us to ponder the following: “light is in all of us, we ourselves are light. I myself am that which can see how light rises, I can see positive things and spread light all around me.

42 objects are included in this year’s festival and are mainly situated in Old Town and the city’s central areas. The festival takes place from the 17th to 20th November and, responding to festival visitors’ suggestions, it will begin one hour earlier at 17:00; objects will be viewable until 23:00.

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Riga Restaurant Week (10-16 October)

During this special week, Riga’s restaurants open their doors to all gourmands willing to treat themselves to an array of delicious flavors for an especially affordable price of 15–20 euros in a three-course meal. For the entire week, local residents and guests have the chance to savor the season’s best foods prepared by experienced and innovative chefs who give each meal a modern and sophisticated twist.


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