Spring 2018. Amata trail.

Spring 2018. Amata trail.


One of our team passion is hiking. For all 4 seasons here in Latvia – winter, spring, summer and autumn it’s beautiful experience where you will be charmed by the untouched nature. In early spring, you will see boaters chasing extreme sensations on the rapid waters of the Amata River. Spring is also a great time for watching the fascinating bird life. Whereas in summer, the wonderfully bright green scenery offers a large diversity of plants to examine and admire! In autumn, the trail is exceptionally picturesque, clad in shades of bright red and gold. It is also the time for watching the captivating spawning of fish.

This spring we hiked Amata trail. Trail is located only on the right bank of the river Amata. Sandstone and dolomite outcrops, landscapes, diverse flora. Ainavu cliff- 46 m, the highest in Latvia. Marking- red rhombs on tree trunks, route isn’t maintained. Gauja river and it is full of rapids, the word “amada” in the lībiešu language means rapid. The trail is a wonderful place for walking and immersing yourself in the nature.  Trail Amata is located in the Gauja National Park.


You can choose one of the routs:

1) Amatciems – Melturi 2 h;
2) Melturi – Kārļi 3 h;
3) Kārļi – Zvārtes cliff 4 h;
4) Zvārtes cliff – Veclauču bridge 1–2 h. (this suitable for family with children)


Amatciems  25.30342, 57.22543

Veclauču bridge –  25.13721, 57.26149

Zvārtes cliff 25.14279, 57.24601

Photo from – Amata.lv




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